Event Power Services appreciates the importance or environmental responsibility. While the events industry is a waste one, Event Power Services have a developed a strong policy that minimises our environmental impact in a realistic fashion and without affecting work standards and customer service.


Environmental Policy for Event Power Services Ltd



The Events Industry and Waste

The environmental impact of operations within the events industry can be significant.  The main areas of waste and environmental impact within the wider industry are:

Transport – the need for moving resources

Power – the need for electrical power consumption both from the national grid and temporary installations

Fossil Fuel Use – from both transport and the use of generators for power use

Disposal of Non-Durable Materials – large quantities of carpet, plastics, tapes and cloth materials are disposed of onsite

Chemical Usage for Warehouse operation – many forms of cleaning products, hydrocarbons and gasses are used in the maintenance, repair and manufacture of equipment and other resources

Paper and Print Wastage – as with many business office waste can be substantial



This Policy

It is all well and good to merely talk about environmental consideration, but we are doers, not talkers.  That is why we have identified the greatest areas of waste and stated specific methodology of what we can do, and will do, to minimise this.



Our Contributions

It is the ethical responsibility of the companies staff and management to ensure the impact made by Event Power Services is minimal in its provision of services and resources to clients. 

We take environmental responsibility very seriously and, having identified the main areas of waste, have developed the following to minimise this waste:




Transporting equipment is unavoidable, but we are committed to the following:

  1. Encouraging clients to use as few different suppliers as possible to minimise the number of vehicles utilised and therefore the quantity of fossil fuel burnt.

  2. Use of the most efficient style and smallest numbers of vehicles – where possible we will use one large lorry rather than two smaller ones

Event Power Services Events offers a very wide range of services in-house and this means that it all comes to site in one vehicle.  Other operations may need to “sub in” services from different companies meaning more vehicles



Power Usage

Events traditionally require surprisingly large amounts of electricity.  Current draw from the national grid or from generators ultimately contributes to global warming and, in many cases, the burning of oil, coal and other fossil fuels. 
Our contribution to minimising the environmental impact of this is as follows:

Use of low-current LED lighting – conventional tungsten lamps use about 2000% more power than new LED equipment to emit the same light.  This is due to the inefficient nature of heat-emmiting incandescent lamps.  LED is used where possible.  Where tungsten lighting is required for creative effect and power highly efficient optics are used over less-efficient ones. 

Switch-mode amplification – this style of power supply draws the current needed to drive the sound system rather than conventional transformer systems that draw current due to heat and energy lost through massive inductance within transformers.

Over-rated cabling – using thicker cable means less voltage drop which means less current draw and better efficiency.  We always use over-rated cable core thickness.

Event Power Services Events invests in the latest equipment and therefore has a large stock of quality LED lighting, switch mode amps and other power-efficient equipment.



Power Production

Generator usage emits a huge amount of CO2.  We minimise this in the following ways:

Use existing power – power from the national grid is far cleaner than generator power.  Where possible we will use installed power over generator power

Use of bio-diesel – where operationally and financially viable, we will offer clients the option of bio-diesel generators.

Event Power Services Events has the electrical know-how to tail-in to most electrical power supplies.  We also have access to the UK's best bio-diesel generator operators



Disposal of Materials

There are many materials disposed of through events.  The following are the actions we are taking to minimise this:

Carpet – Clients demand the use of brand new carpet so it hard to re-use.  However, we store used carpet for use on charity or community events – less carpet in landfill.

Wood – all wood from custom sets and other areas is returned to our warehouse for use on new projects – meaning less wood in landfill

Non-durable drapes – these are returned to our warehouse and used for cleaning and polishing equipment – meaning less cloth in landfill and no need for buying paper towel for our warehouse operations.

Our extensive warehouse space allows for storage of large quantities of equipment



Chemical Use

Many companies use solvents and other harmful chemicals for cleaning.  We have found that steam-cleaning works extremely well for most non-electrical maintenance.  As a result we use very little chemical cleaners.



Office Waste

We are striving towards a “paperless” office.  In practice this means:

Communication methods – we offer staff and clients as many non-paper communication options as possible.  Eg quality email and CRM systems, PDF creation, paperless fax

Document storage – we have a very efficient document scanning system that makes it easy to scan and store non-critical documents

Shredding – for the paper that is wasted, it is all shredded and disposed of through recycling



Environmental Noise

This area of environmental consideration outside the realm of this document, but is addressed in our Health and Safety Documentation.



Signed on behalf of the company

Johnny Palmer

Johnny Palmer BA
Event Power Services Ltd – also T/A Plug AV and Shreyas Decor
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