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We have a vast array of lighting effects that can be used to enhance your venue and its surroundings.

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Paint Your Surroundings

Using the latest technology and advanced power distribution, we can 'paint' buildings, trees and other outdoor features with different colours, shapes and flood lighting.

sodium floods

Buildings, trees and even rivers can all be illuminated to draw attention to their beauty and give more atmosphere to the whole setting.



Blue LED

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Don't Let Sunset Steal Your Venue

Many clients having their events at attractive venues choose to illuminate the architectural or geographical centrepieces which make their venue unique and beautiful.




Transform the Familiar

Some events are held at a place that the guests visit regularly (such as a workplace or college).

In such cases it is an excellent idea to make the place of work or study look completely different for the special event. This adds enthusiasm and excitement to the event.

outdoor lighting



Safety in Style

If your event is to be held in the countryside, where it can sometimes be hard for guests to find it, illuminating the trees and buildings can draw attention and lead the way.

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As well as creative outdoor lighting, we can also supply simple flood lighting and power equipment to suit.


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